Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes” is a Manifesto on Modern Womanhood


I’m always hesitant to read books that promise to turn your life around in a year. It’s not necessarily that I think self-help advice is snake oil … it’s more that watching someone publicly declare a mission to figure… View Full Post

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On 5 Years of The Tangential

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.25.45 PM

This week I had my Tangential co-founders and co-editors Jay Gabler and Katie Sisneros on to talk about a project we’ve been working on. We announce it mid-way through, in case you’re curious. We also… View Full Post

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Let’s Talk About the “Fiercely Real” Barbies

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.05.53 PM

I have been expecting whack things from Barbie ever since Barbie and Ken got divorced as a media stunt back in 2011. Yes that happened, yes he won her back with a “Justin Bieber haircut” and yes… View Full Post

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Brenda Bell Brown on Living as an Artist and the Importance of Poetry


This week’s guest was Brenda Bell Brown, a poet, playwright, actress, former Minneapolis Arts Commissioner and candidate for the MFA in Creative Writing degree at Hamline University. You might know Brenda as a music host of The Morning… View Full Post

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What Skimming Through a Blog Feed Feels Like


-16 1-Pot Recipes for Beating the Limits of Time -10 Creativity Tips That Will Inspire You to Think Even More About What You Should Be Doing -Here’s How to Perfect One Tiny Part of Your Home to… View Full Post

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Emoji Analysis: Upside-Down Smiley


One day as I was preparing to send a friend (or possibly the ultimate friend: my mom) a message, something unexpected showed up under my finger. What is that curious creature? Why it’s an upside-down smiley… View Full Post

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Steph Georgopulos and Sarah Lansky Talk Writing for the Internet


This week is rare for two reasons. 1) We recorded in sunny L.A, which also meant using a tiny (and thus cute) mobile recording device 2) I had two guests! It was a great time,… View Full Post

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Analyzing Songs: Donald Trump’s “Freedom Kids”

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.18.01 PM

The citizens of Pensacola, Florida recently took a break from buying flip-flops and dolphin keychains to watch little girls in headbands perform a live rendition of Donald Trump’s “Freedom Kids.” Watching this rousing anthem about the fun… View Full Post

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