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Amy Schumer’s Memoir Both Hits and Misses

“Women in Comedy” memoirs tend to read like a collection of Thought Catalog posts. They’re sundry junk drawers of personal stories, oblique clapbacks …

On Working with a Dietitian

This year has been a real wake-up call for my family. My dad had a triple bypass in September, and his br…

Recipe: Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

I’m not usually excited about what we Minnesotans call “sweater weather” season. No amo…

Anna Nowak on Netiquette Today

My guest this week is Anna Nowak, who is launching a brand new project called Netiquette Today. With a de…

TV Reviews

Notes on Getting Married

I’ll always say, “2016 sucked, but at least it was the year I got married!” (On September 11th, of all days.) Yes, we chos…

On Becoming a Wine Person

As a middle-western American who really likes chicken nuggets and Coca-Cola, wine is not the first thing …

My Average Day as a Freelancer

A few months ago, I quit a wonderful job to try a different kind of life: freelancing. My goal was to put…

14 Awesome Foods I Ate in Japan

Japanese food and I got along great. Not once did I find myself on the phone with room service, desperately negotiating in broken Japanese for a bowl …

2 Months with the Apple Watch Series 2

I’ve been on the fitness watch train since I first watched Nike’s ad for its short-lived Fuelband. I wanted a glowing number on …

iPhone 7 Plus Review

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath. The iPhone you’ve always wanted is here. Let me guess. You&…

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