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Anna Nowak on Netiquette Today

My guest this week is Anna Nowak, who is launching a brand new project called Netiquette Today. With a de…

TV Reviews

Notes on Getting Married

I’ll always say, “2016 sucked, but at least it was the year I got married!” (On September 11th, of all days.) Yes, we chos…

On Becoming a Wine Person

As a middle-western American who really likes chicken nuggets and Coca-Cola, wine is not the first thing …

My Average Day as a Freelancer

A few months ago, I quit a wonderful job to try a different kind of life: freelancing. My goal was to put…

14 Awesome Foods I Ate in Japan

Japanese food and I got along great. Not once did I find myself on the phone with room service, desperately negotiating in broken Japanese for a bowl …

On Working with a Dietitian

This year has been a real wake-up call for my family. My dad had a triple bypass in September, and his brother had a quadruple bypass in Oct…

Recipe: Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

I’m not usually excited about what we Minnesotans call “sweater weather” season. No amo…

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