Andrea Swensson and Jay Gabler on Writing for the Current

Andrea Swensson Jay Gabler

What’s it like to work as a writer at The Current/MPR? Whether it’s covering a community mourning the loss of Prince or spinning your writing chops into on-air segments, it seems like a fascinating place… View Full Post

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Endorsement: Spindrift Seltzer

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.41.41 PM

We are a nation obsessed with LaCroix. LaCroix is so hot that the New York Times published this Letter of Recommendation for the brand, describing the phenomenon of leaving your 20’s and drowning your desire for carcinogens in carbonated water (aka… View Full Post

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Review: Double Cup Love by Eddie Huang


I was pretty floored by Eddie Huang’s debut memoir, Fresh Off the Boat, which focuses on his exploration of his identity as a Chinese-Taiwanese American growing up in Florida in the 90s. He mixes genuine cultural… View Full Post

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Endorsement: Farmacy Lip Bloom


You know those little bins near the checkout at Sephora that are full of cute tiny things that you want to rub all over your face and spritz behind your ears? That is where I… View Full Post

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Hannah Sayle and Jay Boller on City Pages


I’m 25 episodes into my Writingness podcast as of this week! As of now, I’m going to start trying to have two guests on instead of one. It’s just more fun that way. This week I talked… View Full Post

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The Lobster – Worth the Hype?


When I first watched the trailer for The Lobster, I thought, “this looks like a Dogtooth-style movie where Colin Farrell tries to look like Paul F. Tompkins.” I was not sure I needed such a movie in my life. But… View Full Post

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My Ideal Diet


Introducing the Trust Your Gut diet. It’s really easy to follow, and will make you a perfect human. Just follow the instructions below. -Science has proven that dairy has mystical properties, including making your bones… View Full Post

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Talking with Minneapolis’ Twitter Queen Gigi Berry


This week my Writingness guest was the gorgeous (for real, her name is Gourgous!) Gigi Berry. She came home to Minneapolis to see some friends after going through an intense surgery in her hometown of… View Full Post

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