State Fair Photo Journal

A classic Minnesota State Fair stand.

I love the Minnesota State Fair. Would I call it the best in the country without having gone to any others? I would. Our fair has elevated its natural levels of excess to include dozens of novelty craft beers, new age and vegan fare, plus pure expressions of the id like ice cream covered in cotton candy and gummy bears.

We always run into people we know (100% chance of seeing Jay Gabler), and it’s full of back to school energy, even if you’re grown up.

We stayed for 8 hours, which left me completely exhausted by the end. I can definitively say that no new treats beat the classics like cheese curds, fried pickles or creamy ice cream from the Dairy Barn, covered in tart fruit syrup. But it’s still fun to try them all.

Here are the best pics I took.

The open-air Skyride.
Classic Minnesota couture.
As chic as the Minnesota State Fair gets.
The Agriculture building is what’s up.
Babe the Blue Ox by Adam Turman.
New glowy balloons.
Butterhead sculptures are the best. I really want to make one someday.
My favorite new food, the Nashville Hot Chicken at the Blue Barn.
Neil posing as a piggy.
I liked Brim’s healthy-ish peanut butter and jelly.
Neil enjoying tacos al pastor in a Waffle.
Peach ice cream on pita chips from Bridgeman’s.
The slide is a classic.
Love the old graphic design on these corn sacks.
This year specialized in fruity new boozes.
The newish Ferris wheel.
All the corn you need, none of the corn you don’t.
The Lavender-Honey Meade at Lulu’s was my favorite new drink.
Strawberries and *vegan* cream. Welcome to the future.