July 2019 in Photos

Fake lifestyle content in the OC

This month involved lots of travel, from Stillwater to LA to the OC to Ely. I got so much whiplash I literally injured my neck and it hurts as I type this. Here are some photos I shot this July.

Top Golf. I was better at taking pictures than golfing.
Amazing tasting menu at Bäco in downtown LA.
Flowers in our yard
My sister Krissy and her son Gabriel sharing a birthday cake. Gabriel is very jealous Krissy’s birthday is first!
My nephew Levi goofin’.
More Top Golf
My nieces Lily and Kaylee being super cute.
The big staircase in Stillwater, MN.
Cheese club cabin weekend in Ely.
The ultimate cheese spread, Zup’s style.
This “Jesus Saves” sign was right outside my hotel room at the ACE hotel in LA. Not sure I got the message.
Josie fetching in our yard
Lucy’s cabin
Thoven the good boy
Me and my niece twin Kaylee
My friends Jay and Lucy’s new dog Apollo
Kaylee and my sister Jenny. <3
A Polaroid of cheese club that looks like it was taken 40 years ago
Fireworks in Stillwater, MN
The Lora hotel in Stillwater, MN
Amazing ahi tuna at Martina in Linden Hills
Amazing cheeseburger at Feller in Stillwater
Orange County beaches on a work trip
Huckleberry donut at Sidecar in Santa Monica
Me at the ACE hotel
Work trip hotel in Dana Point, Orange County
Meeting a Pomeranian in Stillwater
More Orange County beaches
Trying yuppy drinks in LA
Lakeside in Ely
Benches in Dana Point, OC
My room, which was extremely TV-oriented, at the ACE hotel in LA
Chilling on the beach in Dana Point
The sunset in downtown LA, right before eating at Beval
A cocktail at The Long Goodbye in Stillwater
Dana Point beach during a long run
Raspberries in our yard
My niece Lily
Cocktails in Ely
More Sidecar donuts
A little twig in Ely