Photos of August

Josie humbly accepting a treat.
A delicious lemon tart at Urban Farmer in Denver.
My friend Stacia’s cat, Sharon.
Jason & Scotty’s famous Little Debbie cat.
Jay and Lucy’s new boy Apollo.
My sister’s dog, Penny. And that’s it for the fuzzy animal section.
Me and Scotty at Stacia’s farm party.
Jay and Jason at Stacia’s party.
My sister Jenny’s crinkly nose smile.
The Maven hotel in Denver.
A bee having a snack.
Classic scene at the Minnesota State Fair.
Union Station in Denver.
My nephew Levi blending in.
My niece Lily, owner of a million Hatchimals.
My niece Kaylee being my model.
Me, Jenny and Kaylee.
Neil at the Maven hotel in Denver.
My brother-in-law Eric’s aquarium.
Levi and Lily having a bug funeral.
Kaylee being gorgeous as usual.
Ferris wheel at the Minnesota State Fair.
Kaylee looking sophisticated and artsy.
The mini golf scenery in Colorado Springs.
A backyard cookout with Neil.
Me and Little Debbie cat