Quarantine-Era Drawings

Somewhere deep in my brain, I had a dream of being able to stay home for weeks in pajamas drawing, watching TV, eating junk food and annoying my dog with constant affection. I did not picture these conditions coming with the shuttering of the world around me or fear of even the tiniest cough. Yet here we are. Nesting in Hellworld.

I find art to be very therapeutic. It’s like changing the channel in your brain to one of color, pattern and texture. Plus, it helps me process experiences by just putting them on paper. I’ve been making drawings inspired by this time for the last 3+ weeks. I’m sure I’ll make more as this goes on. But here are a few for now.

I originally wanted to make an activity book for people, but only got one page in. I used to make these sometimes when I was young and sassy. Maybe I’ll finish it someday.
This was right when the shelter in place went into effect, and we realized we’d only see people in their windows or online for awhile.
I’ve been trying different color schemes on Procreate.
Used pictures of myself surrounded by stuff as the basis for this one. I wanted to show someone looking at media on screens, with lost scenes of nature in the art in front of them.
This was inspired by being told that we all had to start wearing masks outside. I think voyeurism is about to get more prominent, thus the binoculars. Was thinking of myself as a child spying on my sisters.
I kept feeling like I was relaxing in the eye of a storm while health care workers are facing a different world. I feel really bad about that, and also scared that the worlds will mix. Thus the tornado engulfing the lady reading the New Yorker about coronavirus.
I inhabit my teenage self a lot when thinking of drawings. I think I made this around my niece’s birthday. She just turned 12. I can’t imagine how weird, scary and boring it must be to be 12 right now.