Drawings of August

I’ve been enjoying playing with color and setting lately. I also like the new Nikes and have been drawing them on everyone.
This was inspired by cool pictures of early computers, and the space-age future they promised.
Wanted to draw someone chilling in the summer with their cat.
Felt like drawing a girl with a Great Dane in front of a wall of TVs.
Just doodles inspired by summer.
I liked the sun I drew in the last collage, so I made it its own drawing here.
More summer doodles. Some better than the last, hahah.
Neil had me draw this for a Kool Koo poster.
Sketches of color and setting.
More sketches playing with color and art, inspired by our house.
The final output of the attempt to draw our living room. And … it doesn’t actually look like this at all, haha.
That’s how art always ends up for me.