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2018 in Photos

I’m trying to start a new tradition of sharing a photo journal from every year. These were some of my favorite pictures from 2018.

Me with my nephew Gabriel
Lake Nokomis in our new ‘hood
So many good Lake Nokomis sunsets
My mom and sister before my mom’s heart surgery
If you hate cute pics of my nephew, click away now!
Neil looking flirty in Shanghai
Levi on the playground
Caroline with a pom margarita
Lovely plants on a walk
Our trip to South Dakota
More midwestern plains
Avocado toast from PYT in L.A.
Our L.A. AirBnb
A fun photo shoot with my sister’s family at the Como Zoo
Caroline having a cigar on her 28th birthday
Neil on a bridge in South Dakota
My sister Jenny’s family in Colorado Springs
Jenny’s family
Levi rock climbing
Jenny’s dog, Penny
Me with two of my favorite people in the UNIVERSE, my niece Kaylee and nephew Levi
My lil niece Lily
How cute is Gabriel?
Levi with some dirt
Kaylee with her squishee and a Justin’s hazelnut butter
The intrepid Kaylee <3
Gabriel told me he spends a good amount of his time “as a cat”
Gabriel trying fondue
Krissy and Matt
Oh my gersh. This kid.
Krissy’s very photogenic fam
Another sunset
My MIL, the ultimate dog whisperer
Kaylee exploring
Hai Hai, one of my favorite restaurants in town
A plant on a walk
Ice at the dog park
Myself on a work trip in Chicago
Girls gabbing at the SH boat party
Jason with some booze
Scotty with some … hot sauce?
Sandy taking a shot
The SH crew dranking
Van leading the show
Myself wearing a hat for some reason
More SH crew
Another shot of our new neighborhood
My dad having a laugh
The MIL kissing Josie
The husband kissing Josie
My family at Christmas
My amazing mom <3 <3
A recap of photos from our China trip. Full blog post here.
My sister Jenny
Josie walking me at the dog park
She’s so lovely, no?
And so elegant
An extremely classy Superhuman crew
Meredith having a rare drink
Josie being gorgeous
More plants on a walk
Rhubarb from our garden
The bridge during the SH boat party