About Me

Hi, I’m Becky Lang. I’m a writer, creative director and artist. I’ve had this URL since I was 17, and have continued to fill my site with thoughts, doodles and creative projects since then. This is its current iteration.

What Do I Do?

I’m a Partner and Creative Director at Minneapolis agency Superhuman. Before that, I was a creative at Zeus Jones. My specialty is anything to do with words and storytelling. Outside of work, I still enjoying creative writing and reporting on arts and entertainment for various publications.


When I’m not writing, I love to draw, especially lady protagonists and cute dogs. Here are a few of my drawings.


I don’t have a formal “book,” but here are a couple projects I’m proud to have worked on in partnership with other creative folks:

-Totino’s millennial-focused strategy, content and “Totino Boy” video with Tim & Eric.

-Gluek beer’s relaunch.

-Developing a voice for Boka’s natural oral care products.

-Purina.com, especially the Better with Pets series.

Anything and everything Superhuman.

Personal Life

I live in Minneapolis, MN and spend my spare time watching TV with my dog, cooking fairly healthy food and writing the beginning of 100 novels.


Where I write:

Minnesota Monthly (Peep my interview with the Bachelorette, Becca.)

Wit & Delight

City Pages

The A.V. Club


Zeus Jones

Vita.mn / The Star Tribune

The Tangential

XO Jane

E! Online

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