Drawings of September

I’m a bit late to the party on sharing some September content.

This month was most shaped by learning some new abstract / gradient skills on Skillshare, thanks to this class by Vasjen Katro. I found the ideas pretty easy to follow along with on Procreate, even though it’s made for Adobe Creative Suite. Once I learned how to make gradients like this, I found it very therapeutic and fun.

I’ve been trying to mix these skills into my regular types of drawings, but we’ll see how that evolves over time.

This drawing was inspired by a vacation to San Diego, when we had to buy a towel and chose this one.
More fun with gradients.
And even more.
I tried using the same color scheme and gradients to recreate a photo I took in Santorini.
More gradient fun.
A few hand-drawn sketches playing with color.
I got asked to create the artwork for the Mess in the Kitchen podcast, which was super fun!
See the color commonalities? I liked using this palette all month.
Mixing color and gradient with the portraiture I’ve been doing.
A self-portrait.
And a drawing for this blog about my favorite things of August.