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Writingness is a podcast where I talk to writers you read but don’t know enough about, including novelists, journalists, bloggers and comedians. We’ll explore how you become a writer, how you find your audience and how to find inspiration in new places.

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Index of Episodes:

  1. Jay Gabler of The Tangential, The Current and MPR on self-publishing his mini-memoir, Summer of 40
  2. Jay Boller, Music Editor at City Pages talks about getting his start in music journalism
  3. Safy-Hallan Farah talks about writing cultural criticism and music reviews everywhere from Tumblr to Pitchfork
  4. Raghav Mehta talks getting started in standup comedy
  5. Saymoukda Vongsay and May Lee-Yang talk about their play “Hmong-Lao Friendship Play” and the way refugee identity intersects with creative life
  6. Chrissy Stockton talks being an editor at Thought Catalog, and her Tumblr famous blog Philolzophy
  7. Katie Sisneros of The Tangential and Totino’s fame talks about academia and Pizza Rolls
  8. Kara Nesvig of xoVain and Aveda talks beauty blogging and personal essays
  9. Amina Harper talks race and representation in storytelling
  10. Jon Hunt of l’etoile talks music journalism and being represented in his ex-wife, Diablo Cody’s films
  11. Josh Gondelman on comedy and writing for Last Week Tonight
  12. Megan Atwood on Y.A. fiction and getting an agent
  13. Jason Zabel on writing plays and working for the A.V. Club
  14. Chris Vondracek on poetry, teaching and finishing a book
  15. Maggie LaMaack on Twitter, Taylor Swift and City Pages
  16. Marina Maric on LOL-OMG and writing when English is a second language
  17. Steph Georgopulos and Sarah Lansky on writing for the internet
  18. Brenda Bell Brown on living as an artist and the importance of poetry
  19. On 5 Years of The Tangential
  20. John Jodzio on the art of the short story
  21. Nora McInerny Purmort on her book, “It’s Okay to Laugh”
  22. Emily Weiss on food writing, The Hairpin and American Girl Dolls
  23. Cecely Meller on advertising copywriting
  24. Gigi Berry on being Minneapolis’ Twitter Queen