Katie Sisneros on Blogging, Grad School and Pizza


This week I interviewed my hilarious good friend and fellow Pizza Roll collaborator Katie Sisneros! I met Katie five years ago when we started The Tangential together with Jay Gabler. Katie manages to write stuff that makes me think/laugh my ass off regularly despite currently being in 24th grade (aka grad school). Get to know Katie more, and if you enjoy the show, subscribe to Writingness on the iTunes Store and on Sound Cloud!

What was the first thing you ever wrote just for fun?
I used to write stories all the time when I was a kid. I wrote a “book” in Kindergarten called My Pet Killer Whale. It was about my pet, which was a killer whale. It got a cold, but then it got better. THE END.

How do you fuel your writing lifestyle? How much meat does it involve?
I fuel my writing lifestyle with more whiskey than would probably be recommended by my primary care physician, almost always outside normal working hours, and with enough meat (the more processed the better) to choke a horse (which, if you think about it, probably isn’t all that much meat. Once you start stuffing it down there, it probably gets stuck pretty fast). I also read a lot, which is inspiring creativity-wise, but not necessarily work ethic-wise.

In 30 years, where will we find you?
If I have my way, writing for some British comedy show whilst living in London with my dog and handsome be-English accented man-human-partner. But the Brits are pretty protective of their comedy, so who knows if they’ll let me in their super secret club…