Writingness Episode 2 – Jay Boller of City Pages

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Jay? Or Hozier?

For episode two, I had on City Pages music editor Jay Boller. In his previous lives, he was assistant editor at Vita.mn, my fellow editor of the Minnesota Daily’s A&E section, a guy without long hair, and also my college neighbor. We talked about music journalism, how to write for City Pages and why he has a man bun.

What were you into growing up that made you want to get into music journalism?

Reading obsessively about Blink 182, Saves the Day, and Alkaline Trio as the internet blossomed into the beautiful, obscene flower it is today. Being the only kid in the house, I had tons of time forge my own cultural path, discover “the good shit,” and geek out about it all. Making myself laugh, too — that still motivates me.

What’s one of the most embarrassing things you’ve ever written?

As we spoke about on the podcast, I recently interviewed a band about their geriatric cat. Many of my ledes/headlines, the ones I’m most proud of, actually, would be considered “embarrassing” by someone with a sense of shame.

If your mom were your only reader, what would you title your first novel?

Mama Tried: This Will Be ‘A Little Different’