Talking with Minneapolis’ Twitter Queen Gigi Berry


This week my Writingness guest was the gorgeous (for real, her name is Gourgous!) Gigi Berry. She came home to Minneapolis to see some friends after going through an intense surgery in her hometown of Atlanta. Gigi and I both share a deep love for chicken fingers and TV and have a lot of the same buddies, so it was only a matter of time before we got to chatting. We talked about how her horoscope says she has a big writing project coming up (maybe a blog about beauty, mindfulness and going through surgery? Or a column called TBH? Either way, can’t wait!). She also shared her tips for becoming the crowned queen of Minneapolis Twitter (per City Pages). Listen up and learn how how to get on Gigi’s good list! Thanks for coming on Gigi!

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For those who don’t know you from your status as a “girl about town,” give us an abridged bio. What do you do? How did you become the queen of the Twin Cities, on or off Twitter?

I’m originally from Atlanta and moved here after graduating from college for a corp gig at Best Buy. I’ve been in town about 5 years now and love it. The people, music scene, and state fair are just a few of my favorite things.

What’s your secret to being the best tweeter in Minneapolis? What can we learn from you?

BE YOURSELF, don’t try too hard, & don’t be an asshole.

What’s your ultimate goal as a creative, pop-culture obsessed person? Where do you hope to work in ten years?

Married to my 3rd husband Harry Styles and raising our son Prince Rogers Nelson Styles.