Drawings of 2017

The portrait is my favorite type of art. I just love working on something that is looking back at me.

When I draw, I want to capture my generation as people being people. So much of our imagery is commercialized. I like trying to capture people looking lost in thought, not concerned with how they’re being seen. I usually start by finding a photo I like and trying to put my own spin on it.

Here’s a look at some of the drawings I’ve done this year. Some were commissions, most were just for fun. All of them were done on my iPad Pro, using either Procreate or Sketches Pro.

Also, FWIW, if you are someone who draws, takes photos, writes poetry, makes beautiful recipes, whatever, and posts your work on social media, keep it up. I am one of the anonymous people out there appreciating your art and taking inspiration from it. Thank you!!

Corinne from “The Bachelor,” sketched up for Wit & Delight. As she would say, “I RUN A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COMPANYYYYYYY.”
This was an early stage of a drawing that looked better than the finished product. Sometimes you just have to stop.
This was a commission of a cat. <3
The magical Leslie Jones.
A drawing of some of my favorite beauty products.
A Kim Kardashian drawing for Wit & Delight.