Drawings of June

My new goal is to post my favorite drawings from each month.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with portraits, pets, patterns and settings this month. I’m still trying a few different styles, playing more with abstraction and simplicity. My default mode is definitely more realistic, so it’s been a nice challenge to venture away from that.

Playing with color blocking and patterns.

This is an abstraction of some flowers I saw. It ended up looking very Scandinavian.

We’re going to Hawaii on vacation this year, so wanted to conjure those vibes. Plus, everyone loves a shiba.

This was part of the #funwithfaces drawing challenge. I think it was double buns, plant and tattoo.

I really like that the fake show on Beavis & Butthead and Daria is called Sick Sad World, so I wanted to make a drawing devoted to that.

Nike. Dingo. Nalgene.

I love all-blue line art. I wanted to try a piece like that, but ended up adding red for a 3D glasses vibe.

Another part of the #funwithfaces drawing challenge.

Trying a simple form of character design.

The below is a line-art drawing that is inspired by a writing project I’m doing. I’ve been thinking a lot about tween friendship and what it looks like, and that inspired this composition.