New Rosé Ceremony: Bachelor Arie’s Mid-Season Checkin

Hey Bachelor Nation … er, Bachelor WORLD!?

Yep, there’s a Winter Games this year and we’ve learned that there are Bachelor franchises all over the globe. When will Elon Musk start his own franchise on Mars? ASAP I hope.

Inspired by the okay-ness of Arie’s season, Caroline, Jay, his partner Dana and I got together to recap the hometown episode. We drank four different types of rosé, and we even enjoyed some through a Chambong.

Listen up for our expert analysis and weird mouth sounds. Don’t forget to give us your #hottake. Team Arie or team taxidermy rat? Do you agree with Arie and Lauren B. that Paris is loud? Was Bekah a mob boss in her past life? And is an agreement to meet in a jacuzzi truly a date? We need to know.