2017 in Photos

This year, I entered my 30s. This has involved such feelings as “when did I start listening to Ke$ha so much?” and “is Buffy the Vampire Slayer vintage now?” Time is speeding up, and has brought with it fun new challenges like “getting your thyroid tested.”

One of the best decisions I made this year was investing in a camera. I figured it would be fun to have another way to capture adventures and people.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the year. Hope your year involved plenty of good moments, too. Cheers to 2018. We’ve got nowhere to go but up!

My nephew Gabriel on Christmas.
Sunset in Santorini.
Taking Fireball shots with my co-worker Stacia at the Superhuman holiday party.
Snow the day after Halloween.
McDonald’s in Las Vegas.
Koo Koo Kanga Roo whispering at a wedding.
My niece Kaylee in my parents’ backyard.
Josie sniffing some flowers. If you hate pictures of Josie, get out now!
My friend Kara on her 30th birthday.
My sister Krissy hugging her son Gabriel.
My sister Jenny’s kids—Lily, Kaylee and Levi—enjoying my parents’ disco ball.
Sunlight on Lake of the Isles.
Spencer, Grant and Micah goofing around at the Superhuman holiday party.
Sunset at Lake Harriet.
Josie catching a bone.
Hotels in Oia, Santorini.
My sister-in-law Caroline and brother-in-law Scott “booping” Josie.
My mom sporting Christmas-themed sunglasses.
One of Neil’s many basketball figurines.
Superhuman co-workers at a Halloween party.
Natalie, Liz and Greer at the Abdo wedding.
My mom playing “forest creatures” with Gabriel.
Kids approaching the stage at a Koo Koo Kanga Roo show.
Josie flipping out on a walk.
The countryside of Corfu, Greece.
Fields in Denver, shot through a cab window.
My brother-in-law Matt, patiently letting his son sit on him in creative ways.
One of the many bowls of ramen I had this year.
Leaves during a walk.
My sister-in-law Caroline.
A casino in Las Vegas.
Neil jumping during a Koo Koo show.
Downtown Minneapolis on our way to a Timberwolves game.
Gabriel telling my mom, “No, I love you more.”
Just one of my mom’s Christmas decorations.
My co-worker Sandy.
Sunset at the water tower by my house.
Lake of the Isles.
Josie licking Christmas dinner plates.
Neil walking to a basketball game.
A basketball hoop in Corfu, Greece.
Me, Van and Rebecca pretending to have a meeting for a photo.
Stacy with a very straight banana.
Josie in the yard.
Me swimming in very clear water in Santorini.
Koo Koo Kanga Roo at the fair grounds.
Baby Gus.
Dad and Gabriel.
Neil being a dog dad in Prior Lake.
Josie after visiting the vet.
The sunset at Neil’s parents’ house.
The top of the parking garage at sunset on the way to a Timberwolves game.
Josie confronting some skeletons during Halloween season.
The bride, Angela, hugging Liz during her wedding.
Superhuman staff on onesie day.
Me with Van and Grant on onesie day.
Neil eating McDonald’s on Christmas Eve.
Liz and her baby, Gus.
Colorful canoes at Lake Harriet.
Corfu, Greece.
Sunset in South Minneapolis.
Bryan and Liz enjoying a night out.
Waffles, which I’ve started making every weekend.
Fall at Lake Harriet.
A kitten feasting on an anchovy in Corfu, Greece.
The Superhuman holiday party.
The Superhuman crew in onesies.
Flowers in South Minneapolis.
Leaves on the ground in fall.
My sister’s family at the Como Conservatory.
More kittens in Corfu.
Spooky radio towers by Neils’ parents’ house.
The traveling ferris wheel at the Minnesota State Fair.
A gelato cone in front of the Monastiraki station in Athens, Greece, on my 30th birthday.
The chef at my first ever Hibachi dinner, with the Superhuman crew.
Alcohol being poured on onions.
Neil’s parents’ dog, Maverick.
Flowers in Santorini.
Neil and his parents, Dan and Darcy.
Neil buying us drinks on a rooftop in Athens, on my birthday.
Josie, getting off her paws.
My friend John at Kara’s birthday party.
Neil and Josie, having a smooch.
My niece Lily eating an ice cream cone at DQ while talking about her upcoming birthday party.
Random plants of some sort, by my house.
Our family pic.
Cheersing with my parents before each of our respective vacations.
Arriving in Athens with serious jet lag.
My mom and I in some good ambient light.
One of many charming blue gates in Santorini.
My Superhuman colleagues and I, pretending to drink beer at 7 a.m. for a photoshoot.
Some of my faves—Lucy, Scotty and Hannah—posing in an alleyway during a practice photoshoot.
Trees near Lucy’s cabin.
My mom resting on the swings at Lake Josephine.
The sky at the Eaux Claires festival in Wisconsin.
A beach gate in St. Petersburg, Florida, during a work trip.
Jason and Jay enjoying light beers at Lucy’s cabin.
Me at the Eaux Claires festival, by Neil.
My dad capturing people opening presents.
Neil letting me practice with my portrait lens in Santorini.
Shooting down a cliff in Santorini.
Gabriel, hiding from my camera.