The Bachelor Episode 7: Our Moms Weigh In!

Oh my, this is an extra fun episode of The Rosé Ceremony. We invited both of our moms to join us and weigh in on this season. Here’s what we cover:

-The rules of our Bachelor drinking game

-The mechanisms behind Nick pretending to cry

-Kristina’s adorable chin

-How hot Nick is on a scale of 1 to 10?

-Who was the hottest bachelor ever?

-How Ben Higgins would have handled Corinne

-The lowdown on the bottles of wine we drank

-Which lady did my dad like best?

-Is Raven into witchcraft?

-Does Nick bail at the slightest hint of family drama or stress?

-Does Nick REALLY love his mom?

-What DIDN’T the show cover and why?

Thank you so much to our moms for joining! We had so much fun hanging out with y’all.