My Favorite Beauty Products Everrrr

Beauty and body products are some of my favorite things to buy, and I have blown lots of my disposable income trying different items from Sephora. These are the items I find myself buying again and again.

1. Concealer: Bobbi Brown Corrector

If I were to use just one item of makeup, it would have to be concealer. Nothing makes a difference like painting over those lil’ eye bags that seem to be part of my bone structure. I’ve tried them all,  and this one is the best. It’s solid, effective and a joy to use. I combine it with the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit.

2. Lip Balm: Farmacy Lip Bloom or MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick

I live in Minnesota, a place where lips essentially fall off during winter months. Strong lip balm is a must. My two favorites are Farmacy’s Lip Blooms and Cocokind’s MyMatcha stick. Farmacy’s lip balm pots taste amazing, like herbal tea and honey, and MyMatcha’s green tea smell reminds me of Japan. Both contain powerful ingredients that can soothe even the raggediest of lips.

3. Buxom Lipstick

I don’t wear much lipstick, but this one is lovely. It’s not too unnatural, and it has a cool little magnetic closure. My chosen shade is “sinful cinnamon.”

4. Bobbi Brown Everything

I’m very loyal to Bobbi Brown products. Before my wedding, I had the Bobbi Brown makeup artist create a look for me, and I still wear it basically every day. Their products are the highest quality of any I’ve tried, and are worth the price tag.

Some of my favorites: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Shimmer BrickLong-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

5. Moisturizer: Korres Black Pine Night Cream

I don’t use many face products, but I am a fan of a good moisturizer to soothe my dry skin and wipe off that last bit of eye makeup at night. I also bought into the idea of antioxidant-rich face creams when a food scientist told me that food preservatives are basically just antioxidants. If those things can keep our food freakishly colorful as it crosses the country, they can probably keep my face looking smooth, no?

Because I don’t exactly see the effects of a face cream immediately, I just go for one that smells and feels nice. This one smells the best. It reminds me of grapes and carrot cake, not pine trees, as the name would suggest.

6.  Perfume: Beach Walk by Replica

This is my favorite perfume right now. It smells like the beach, but a classy beach with exotic plants and a nice a breeze. It’s subtle and light, not too sexy or spicy.

7. Lotion/Fragrance/Skincare: Aesop 

I first became aware of this incredibly expensive brand when I was in Japan. This stuff is everywhere there, from hip café bathrooms to the windows of fashion boutiques. I was slathering it all over myself left and right, loving each and every one of their classy, unique herbal scents. Then I wandered into their store to buy something and became paralyzed by how expensive their products are. Luckily, when we stayed at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, all their bath products were by Aesop, so I got to smuggle a bunch of tiny freebies home with me. I finally bit the bullet and actually bought something from them the other day, so I’m about to smell fancy as eff.

What are your faves?