Drawings of 2018

I will confess, 2018 was not my best in terms of artistic output.

I actually spent a lot of time doodling in my watercolor notebooks in the first half of the year. I took a couple watercolor courses, either through books or through Skillshare, and learned quite a bit. But most of that work was following a template or executing a specific exercise—not necessarily things I could call my “own” art. But I really fell in love with the medium and found it very therapeutic. Watercolor painting got me through my mom’s heart surgery, and buying a house. I would definitely recommend it if you’re dealing with stress.

I got more into digital drawing on Procreate the second half of the year. I especially liked playing with imperfection, texture and repetition.

Now that it’s 2019, I’ve put a greater emphasis on drawing in my spare time. Probably because of the new iPad Pro. More on that in some posts about this year’s art later.