Micro Review: Lady Bird

I was nervous to see Lady Bird because of its serious levels of hype. People on Twitter, when not chattering about the imminent apocalypse, made it very clear that this movie’s superiority was not to be questioned. What if I hated it??? I would be a bad person. (This is why I did not see Passion of the Christ in the 7th grade.)

Luckily, the movie lived up to the hype, but not in the way I expected. It’s not trying to be the next Serious Oscar-Winning Drama. Instead, Lady Bird is funny, understated, creative and low-key. Kind of like Greta Gerwig herself.

Overall Impression

Thanks to the playful editing of Catholic high school life—shots that linger on Jesus’ body, theater kids gleefully screaming onstage, boys’ names crossed out on the wall—it feels like a movie that Wes Anderson might make on a particularly calm day. Rushmore Saved!, maybe.

Best Part

Beanie Feldstein as Lady Bird’s best friend, Julie. She’s hilarious as she flirts with her teacher, played by Jake McDorman of Limitless. Also, she’s Jonah Hill’s little sister!

The cast in general is fantastic. Also, her love interest (Lucas Hedges) is 100% Michael Cera mixed with Jesse Eisenberg. You can’t unsee it!

Worst Part

The end. Is that a spoiler? It’s just a little clunky and awkward.

See It If …

You ever owned the Juno soundtrack.

Don’t See It If …

You require Greta Gerwig to be in the actual movie. She’s not. She just wrote and directed it! Isn’t that enough for you?!

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