Cats and Dogs of Greece

Cat posing epically in front of the sunset in Fira, Santorini.

I would have loved Greece even without its abundance of cats and dogs, but they made me love it all that much more. In Santorini in particular I met tribes of friendly kittens and pairs of dogs wanting to join us for a walk. Here are some of the fuzzy pals I got to snap on my trip.

Playful kittens crashing our breakfast in Oia.

A happy dog in Santorini.
Thinking about how lame life must be outside of the Greek Isles.
Trying to get some cheese.
Cat guarding the acropolis museum in Athens.
Kitten feasting on an anchovy at a market in Corfu.
More kittens hoping for anchovies in Corfu.
Sharpening her claws in Athens.
One of the many cute pups in Santorini.
Trying to nap in the shade in Oia.
One of two dogs that woke up from a nap to join us on our hike from Oia to Fira.
A regal cat hiding under a table in Corfu.
Puppy looking to fetch in Corfu.
Thanks for all the nuzzles!