Photo Journal: Greece

Palm leaves in the Athens National Garden.

Who doesn’t want to go to Greece? People who hate democracy and yogurt, I guess. I was lucky enough to spend ten days there this month, including my 30th birthday and my first wedding anniversary. It was an incredible time that I have to try not to wax too poetic about. Go there ASAP! Here are some of the sights we saw, captured with my new Sony a6000, and occasionally with the Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens.

More details on the trip to follow, plus a full review of the Sony a6000.

View from our hotel in Oia, Santorini.
Santorini’s coasts are even prettier in person, I promise.
Sunset in Santorini.
Our view at night in Santorini. We heard a lot of dogs howling and cats sparring in the hills.
A boat on the hot springs of Santorini, where the water is warmed by a volcano.
Another very Wes Anderson boat on the hot springs.
The sparkling, clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
If you love white and blue churches, Santorini is the spot for you.
A windmill in Santorini.
View from the Meteor Café.
Flowers in Corfu.
Our Corfu hotel at sunset. Airplanes flew in right next door.
Paleokastritsa harbor in Corfu.
The Paleokastritsa beach in Corfu.
Turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.
The beaches in Corfu are peaceful and occasionally topless!
A building in Corfu old town.
The countryside of Corfu.
Sunset in Oia.
We took a tour with the Santorini Yachting Club and it was fun as heck.
The red beach in Santorini.
We walked from Oia to Thira and it was difficult and beautiful.
Sunset view from Thira.
Volcano island views, ft. two strangers!
More Santorini views.
Looking down at Ammoudi Bay in Santorini.
Hillsides of Santorini.
Colorful corridors abound.
Blue gates in Santorini.
Moped in Corfu.
View from the Acropolis in Athens.
The Parthenon, at the Acropolis in Athens.
Neil from the top of the Olympic Stadium.
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, where concerts are held on restored ruins.
The Olympic Stadium in Athens.
Plus! A Brady Bunch grid of pictures of me with my camera, by Neil.