Photo Journal: Lucy’s Cabin Up North

My friend Lucy has been hyping up her cabin up north for a long time now, and I finally got to visit for a night. Up on the northern tip of Minnesota, it would be a great place to hide in a Handmaid’s Tale situation. It’s beautiful, secluded and conveniently close to Canada.

Lucy is a fantastic photographer, and the north woods are one of her main muses. I thought I’d bring my new Sony a6000 along and stick it in everyone’s faces all weekend. Lucy and Scotty gave me some tips to help up my photo game, and were kind enough to be models. Here are some glimpses at our weekend.

The water is really clear up at the cabin.
As for Lucy, I like to say she always knows what time it is.
This is me trying to be artsy with the light.
This is Jason. He’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.
I was trying to kinda be spooky about this path.
This is Scotty’s amazing sketchbook that I choose to interpret as a very eclectic and scattered glam planner.
I decided Scotty was my muse and took like 100 pictures of him. Actually possibly more.
This is Jay, aka Lucy’s husband. We have an ongoing joke that I never call him my friend or something? I’ll keep that going.
Ever wonder how Lucy takes really close up pictures of wild animals? She has this gigantic lens. She’s also totally less afraid of bears than I am.
If there were a Handmaid’s Tale situation, you could potentially live off the blueberries here on your way to Canada.
Jason rocking his Zeus Jones hat. He’s a company man.
Trying to be artsy about trees.
We divided up the leftover beers and ended up just taking them home in a garbage bag like drunk Santa.
If you want more pictures of Scotty, I have them.
Jay taking time off from creating the latest diet fad.
This is me enjoying a mini Fireball, as one does.
Everyone but me jumped off this small cliff.
More attempts to be artsy with trees.
Cap’n Lucy. Thanks for sharing your cabin.