Why ‘Riverdale’ is What’s Up

In 2017, no one knew they wanted a sexed-up, technicolor version of the Archie comics, but apparently we did. In this bold spin on the series, anything goes. A popular twin is found murdered. Betty puts on a wig and tortures an athlete. Parents are thirsty as hell. Everyone is. It’s good TV, made for teenagers but just as addictive for those of us who are 30 going on 13.

Overall Impression

This show reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl. I still remember when Chuck Bass rolled onto the scene, shouting, “I’m Chuck Bass!” from rooftops everywhere. We were hooked on this privileged, entitled antihero instantly. Riverdale makes with the same caliber of fresh actors and iconic characters, all with complicated home lives thanks to parents who get almost as much play as they do. But while Gossip Girl explored the fantasy of wealth in the era of economic collapse, Riverdale focuses on the fallout of wealthy families whose greed catches up to them. In that sense, it feels quite appropriate for 2017.

Why You Should Watch It

If you loved Gossip Girl, you will love Riverdale. If you love Marvel movies but hated Gossip Girl, skip it.

Best Part

Cole Sprouse as Jughead. Instead of being the comic relief, he’s turned him into a complicated, misplaced genius who you just kind of want to hug. Thanks to Riverdale, Cole Sprouse has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon—just search him on Twitter to see what I mean. (Also, I just Wikipedia-ed him and found out he’s a twin [!] and that he and his brother are in Big Daddy and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Whoa.)

I also loved Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. She’s going to be a huge star.

+If I squint, Lili Reinhart (Betty) kind of looks like Brittany Murphy (RIP), which makes me like her.

Worst Part

Luke Perry as a dad who wants to sleep with the whole town. It makes me feel old.

Alternate Interpretation

An argument for the hotness of redheads.

Overall Rating

9/10. If you haven’t watched it yet, mainline it right now.