Calvin Harris’ ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ is a Summer Jam Parade

Calvin Harris has given us several warnings that we might end up liking him.  After all, he and Rihanna birthed two of my favorite treadmill jams: “We Found Love” and “This is What You Came For.” I’ve started to fancy him a lamestream version of Diplo, but a solid one at that. When I pressed “play” on his new album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, I found myself instantly delighted. This album is like a little pink clown car packed with songs of the summer.

Overall Impression

There’s a witchy cohesiveness to this variety pack of songs, and I can’t figure out what it is. I love that.

You Should Listen If

You take no shame in listening to Spotify’s Teen Party playlist every weekend.

Best Part

“Feels,” featuring Katy Perry and Pharrell, is like if a piña colada became a song. Katy Perry is trying a little too hard to sound like Gwen Stefani, but that’s the best thing she’s done all year.

Other standout tracks: “Slide” (ft. Frank Ocean and Migos), “Faking It” (ft. Kehlani and Lil’ Yachty), “Rollin’” (ft. Future and Khalid)

Worst Part

The song I’m most likely to skip is “Skrt on Me,” featuring Nicki Minaj. To be fair, that’s mostly because I thought they were saying something other than “Skrt on Me.” 😮 I also don’t like the line, “Bringin’ the blunt / Emily Blunt.”

Alternate Interpretation

A technicolor Taylor Swift revenge fantasy.

Overall Rating

8/10. If you hate this album, you hate fun.