‘Baby Driver’ Not as Cute as It Sounds

No, this isn’t the adorable movie about a baby genius learning to drive that it sounds like. Instead, it’s a pulpy thriller that stars Ansel Elgort (Baby) stumbling into the criminal underworld when he’d rather be chilling with his adoptive dad, making killer mixtapes. As he navigates (literally) crime spree after crime spree, heavyweights like John Hamm, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx keep things interesting.

Overall Impression
A bizarre thought experiment about what life would be like if Sky Ferreira was your mom. Or the weirdest commercial for iPods ever.

Why You Should See It
You need more Ansel Elgort in your life.

Best Part
Tarantino-esque car chases.

Worst Part
The character of Baby, who dances along with windshield wipers.

Alternate Interpretation
Could be a story about young Han Solo: bomber jackets, babes and reckless driving.

Overall Rating
6/10. A fun ride, but not quirky or campy enough to be the “hipster version of Fast and the Furious” I was promised.