The Bachelor Finale: Nick Gets Engahhged

Wow! What a journey. Nick waded through a sea of brunettes with dramatic side parts, only to choose the ultimate brunette with a side part: Vanessa. She’s elegant. She’s intense. She’s got a low-key Baywatch bod. She will surely bring some good genes into Nick’s very prolific family, should they procreate.

There’s a lot to talk about in this “historic” episode, so Caroline and I made sure to cover all the important topics in our podcast.

Here are some questions we discussed:

-Why is Nick always kissing Raven on dirty ground surfaces?

-What percentage of moms with 11 kids have nose rings?

-What does tonight’s rosé name mean in French? (Spoiler alert: “younger sheep” …?)

-Why did Domino’s put meat on our veggie pizza?

-Does Neil Lane vape (jk … we only talked about whether or not he botoxes)

-Is Rachel’s season going to be 100x better than Nick’s?

Thanks for listening and following along! ❤️❤️

Xoxo, Becky and Caroline.