The Bachelor Episode 10: Cheese Pasta Solves All

Never before has this much steam generated between wool, reindeer fur and pom pom hats. As Nick cozies up with his three remaining beauties in smoky log cabins in Finland, America waits with baited breath to discover his “final two.”

Caroline and I recap the episode below! 👇

Important topics discussed (with pictures):

-Does Nick like to make Vanessa physically uncomfortable on dates because he’s so intimidated by her?

-Did our MN girl Whitney use the Women Tell All as her chance to finally speak her mind?

-Could Kristina singlehandedly take down Donald Trump?

-Which kinds of men will Rachel sample at her man meat buffet as the next Bachelorette?

-Did God create Corinne just for Chad? And will their children be narcissistic psychopaths?

-Also, is she a slob kebab?