The Bachelor Episode 9: Raven’s Blushing Flower

Goodbye Corinne! It’s been real, and we know you’re eating cheese curds somewhere, somehow, right now (if you’re not asleep). Now, Nick is getting serious with Raven, Vanessa and Rachel. In this weirdly short episode, we only get one fantasy suite date—er half of one. As Chris Harrison asked, will it reach a satisfying end? We’ll have to find out next week. Listen to our thoughts below. 👇

Topics from today’s podcast:

-Did Corinne drink a whole bottle of champagne herself in that limo?

-Does Nick really not know that Corinne did regrettable things while she was here?

-Why were there ZERO Finnish Laphunds on Nick and Raven’s date in Lapland?

-Will there be Finnish Laphunds next week?

-Can Nick choose to marry one of these dogs if Vanessa turns him down?

-Where can we find one of these dogs?

-Why was Andi on the show at all though?

-Is Raven telling the truth about her Big O’ No Go’s?

-Will Nick sleep with all three ladies next week? (Yes.)

-Will Rachel make it to the finale even though we know she’s the next Bach?

Listen for (some) answers!