The Bachelor Episode 8: Hometowns and Tiny Glasses of Wine

Hometowns! Nick got to buy a $3k outfit, cautiously eat a Greek olive, go to church and make out in disease-infested swamp water. What a whirlwind!

This chapter of The Bachelor is always incredibly revealing, and this episode didn’t disappoint. Here are some topics Caroline and I covered off on in this week’s Rosé Ceremony podcast:

-Is the outfit Corinne picked for Nick the best thing he’s ever worn?

-Is Nick a social climber who wants to marry a sugar momma?

-Are Nick and Raven now ill from rolling around in swamp water?

-Will we EVER meet Rachel’s dad?

-Does Vanessa tell her students she loves them a little too often?

-Whose dad is the scariest?

-Does Raquel match the image the producers have created of her?

-Did you cry when you watched Raven learn her dad is cancer-free?

-How many of them will Nick take to his “fantasy suite?” ALL of them?

And more!