Hannah Sayle and Jay Boller on City Pages


I’m 25 episodes into my Writingness podcast as of this week! As of now, I’m going to start trying to have two guests on instead of one. It’s just more fun that way.

This week I talked to City Pages’ managing editor Hannah Sayle and my old-time friend (and returning podcast champ) Jay Boller, who is City Pages’ music editor. It’s been cool to hear about all they’re working on at City Pages, so I wanted to bring them on and ask All the Hard Questions (including, “What do you say to people who call it Shitty Pages?”). We had lots of fun, and even dropped some swear-bombs, so please don’t broadcast this to an entire daycare. Thanks for coming on guys!

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1. What’s the one thing you wish people knew about City Pages?

Hannah: We are a small team of affable, non-monster people who care a lot about the Twin Cities and what we do.

Jay: That we’re not an entrenched, impenetrable, tastemaking machine. City Pages is largely an outlet for Twin Cities freelance writers to express themselves.

2. What’s your vision for how City Pages could change over the next couple years?

Hannah: Like many other newsrooms, we’re interested in bringing in a more diverse group of contributors and freelancers. I’d also like for us to get out in front of some larger investigative stories. Win a Pulitzer? A Wurlitzer? At the very least a Wurlitzer…

Jay: To have the staff, resources, and time to accurately capture the vibrancy of the Twin Cities.

3. What’s your advice for people who want to contribute and help shape City Pages?

Hannah: Pitch. Pitch more. Pitch enthusiastically and with vision.

Jay: If I did not respond to your email, that’s not an indictment of your pitch. Keep re-sending!