Movies I Watch on Planes: Ant-Man


I chose Ant-Man to spend my $6 on last time I was on a flight. I had heard Paul Rudd promoting it on some podcast or another and had gotten the idea that Ant-Man was a parody of a Marvel movie. I think this is a fair thing to expect for two reasons:

  1. Paul Rudd is known for being funny/ in comedies
  2. The idea of a Marvel movie called Ant-Man seems so dumb it could only be a parody

I pretty quickly figured out that Ant-Man was not a parody of a Marvel movie. It was a real one. (If it was a parody, it wasn’t funny enough to make me realize that’s what was happening.)

Aside from Paul Rudd’s gang of thieves, starring the also-funny Michael Peña, not that much was funny about Ant-Man. I found myself wishing the whole movie was about this gang of thieves, and it would be a funny movie, kind of how I wished that Breaking Bad had been more about Saul Goodman. (Then when this wish came true with Better Call Saul, I felt somewhat naive for expecting it to be a Bob Odenkirk humor hour when it was a legit spinoff of Breaking Bad.) (Side note: Scott Aukerman calls Better Call Saul “iCal Sal.”) (Side note II: I think I just want Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 to come back starring Bob Odenkirk, but bill itself as a Breaking Bad spinoff.)

The Good

The guy who played Peter Russo in House of Cards was in this movie (Side note III: Why are bald guys always playing villains in these movies? Do we associate being bald with being an evil genius?)

-Watching really tiny guys run around the world was actually really fun. It reminded me of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

-Paul Rudd. Who doesn’t like Paul Rudd?

-Roger Sterling is in it briefly.

The Bad

-I couldn’t figure out who the one female character was (other than his daughter). She looked kind of familiar but who was she?  Upon IMDB-ing her I realized she is Evangeline Lily, who plays Kate in Lost. Kate was a bank robber who constantly wore layered tanks from Old Navy. I now do not regret placing her in the “bad” category.

-Ant-Man. But not a parody.

I would say, if you’re on a plane sometime soon, there’s a better movie waiting for your $6.

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