Review: Adidas Avenue A Spring 2017 Box

If you need super cute kicks and tights to motivate yourself to workout, may I introduce you to Avenue A by Adidas? It’s a quarterly box of limited edition workout apparel curated by fitness-minded celebrities. The boxes are $150 per quarter, but usually contain goodies that are worth more than twice that.

Here are a couple examples of past Avenue A boxes:

The Rita Ora box
The Well+Good Box

I personally adore the quirkiness of the last two boxes, and wish I could have signed up in time to get my hands on them. If you don’t like what’s in your box, you can’t just send it back. The good news is, most of the items go for high price points on eBay since they’re limited edition, so you might even MAKE money from signing up. This was enough to convince me, so I signed up a couple months ago and then eagerly awaited my first box.

This quarter’s box is curated by Hannah Bronfman, the creator of HB Fit. I wasn’t sure who she was, so I signed up for an HB Fit email list and then got an email about er … sex toys … made out of crystals. Oh my! She is apparently a DJ and model as well, and looks like she knows her way around a punching bag, so respect.

Last Friday, my box came! It was fitness Christmas. Here’s what I got.

Here’s a closer look, plus what everything is worth together.

Ultimate Long Tights – $90

These tights look punk rock enough to wear out on the street with a big T-shirt or sweatshirt. I have super short legs, so I usually prefer leggings that are 3/4 length. That said, they are solid workout tights and I’ve already worked out in them like four times. Nothing wrong with having more high-quality black tights.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Black & White Small Gym Bag – $135

This gym bag is super nice. It is full of pockets on the inside and even has a shoe pocket at the bottom. That means you can bring a snack, a laptop and a change of clothes to the gym all without making all your possessions smell like foot. Plus, the bag is almost worth more than the whole box on its own.

Micro Camo-Print Bra – $30

I have a Nike sports bra that looks almost JUST like this one and I hate it. It fits weird around my chest, and doesn’t provide much support. In general, I haven’t been wild about Nike sports bras. This one is softer, more flexible, fits better and provides more support. I maintain that it takes boobs 10 minutes to warm up for a workout, so adequate support is key.

PureBOOST Xpose Running Shoes – $130

I wrote earlier about how much I loved my Adidas Pure BOOST X shoes, so I was eager to get another pair like them. My main workout shoes right now are pink and bright yellow, so I was psyched to get a neutral pair that will go with everything. I’ve worn these for several workouts already, including a run, and they provide a lot of fluffy, bouncy support, and let your feet breathe like no other.

Comfort Cover-Up Top – $70

Ok, I couldn’t find a picture of this item in the color I received. Look at my summary pics below to check that out. This was my favorite item in the whole box. It has a relaxed, unique shape that brings the modern, cool vibe of athleisure to the functionality of a cardigan. It is very me in that sense. I can’t wait to pair it with a minimalistic dress and wear it to work.

So, what’s the grand total value of this box? $455. That is not a bad value, not at all.

My general review: Overall, this was the most practical and subdued of all the Avenue A boxes I looked at. That means I’ll likely wear all of these items a lot, which is awesome. I was a bit disappointed that the clothes didn’t feature more unique and zany patterns, like the previous boxes. I hope the next celebrity curator goes a little more nuts with their choices. Finally, the items feel a little wintery. We’re having an unusually warm spring in Minnesota, so something a little lighter and brighter would have been fun.

Mainly though, I loved this experience and cannot wait three more months to get my next box. If anyone has items from the previous two they’re looking to offload, HMU!


And here’s my dog sniffing around the Avenue A box. She thinks it’s a Pup Box, probably.

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