Recipe: Avocado Coconut Rice Bowl

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I love the “bowl” phenomenon that is happening right now. Put a bunch of delicious stuff in a bowl, get out some chopsticks, and you are a chef. I also am obsessed with avocados. I used to think they were disgusting until I found out they were fattening, and then I was like, “I’m liiiistening ….” Turns out they are “a nutrient all-star,” plus fat helps you absorb more nutrients. I could go on if you want. I also love rice and any combination of the words “deconstructed,” “sushi” and “salad.” Thus, this recipe.

It’s a funny thing, because it’s almost vegan, but you probably wouldn’t notice that because it tastes a bit sinful. That would be the avocado and coconut milk. (Coconut milk is a great thing to dump into a rice cooker if you want to add a bunch of richness to a recipe.)

Overall, this recipe is full of “superfoods,” spicy garnishes and fresh flavors. Here’s how to make it.


-2 cups jasmine rice

-Lite coconut milk, 1 can (Because I used so much rice, I also added 2 cups of water to help fluff up the rice)

-1 bag broccoli slaw

-Juice of 1 lemon

-1 tbsp tamari

-2 tbsp water

-2 cloves garlic

-1/8 oz ground ginger

-1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

-1.5 avocados

-1 tbsp fresh cilantro

-1 tbsp fresh basil

-1 tsp fresh mint

-Canned pineapple (optional)

-Wasabi (optional)

-Pickled ginger (optional)

-2 tbsp mayo (optional, skip if you’re vegan)

-1 tsp sriracha


Prepare your rice per instructions, subbing the coconut milk for water. I added a couple cups of water too to fluff up the rice. Put your broccoli slaw in a big salad bowl.

Make the dressing. Combine the lemon, tamari, water, garlic, ginger and vinegar together in a bowl. Toss into the slaw, along with your chopped fresh herbs. Place the salad in three bowls and create a well in the center for your rice.

Fluff the rice and taste it to make sure it’s not too al dente. Once it’s done, place it in a ball in the center of each bowl. Top with a half avocado, sliced, a lime wedge, pineapple, ginger and wasabi.

In a small bowl, mix mayo and sriracha to taste. Put it into a ziplock bag and cut off the corner. Pipe it over your dish in a pretty pattern. Voila!

430 calories. 26 grams of fat. 6.4 grams of sugar. 8.7 grams of fiber. 4.2 grams of protein. 15 Weight Watchers points.

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