Endorsement: Adidas Pure Boost X Running Shoes


Once a clean white with futuristic neon green soles, My Nikes had become yellow, dilapidated and sad. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, they had been loved via hundreds of workouts. They were great shoes, but they were ready to clock out.

I went to the mall to get some new Nikes, but ended up going home with some Adidas shoes instead. These Pure Boost X sneaks hadn’t been on my radar at all, but they caught my eye at Nordstrom. They were spunky and incredibly light. Even though I’m usually a Nike loyalist, but I decided to give them a try on.

The first thing I noticed was the unusual design. A sock-like casing rose away from the sole in the middle, and mesh vents let the skin on the top of my foot peek through. These innovations were novel to me, especially after I had been underwhelmed with Nike’s original Flyknits.

While these Adidas shoes were cute, the real test would be how they felt during a workout. In the store I could tell that the soles provided a cushioned, bouncy effect, which I like in a workout shoe. I’m not a fan of the barefoot or trainer-style shoe, which give either a hard cushion or none at all. I used to do martial arts, which gave me an appreciation for the barefoot workout and also a firsthand look into the stress fractures it can create. My doctor recently told me to stop deluding myself into thinking I don’t need a high-support shoe, even for something as everyday as a dog walk.

I didn’t expect my first workout with the Adidas Boost shoe to go well. They were so cute, I wasn’t sure if they would be ready for my regular elliptical or circuit training routine. But I was wrong. They were very supportive and comfortable, and the sock-like design and air vents kept my feet incredibly cool. They were also very light and narrow, meaning they stayed out of the way better than bulkier shoes. Other than wishing for a little more support under the ball of my foot, they scored high marks.

I’ve now been working out with these shoes for about a month, and remain impressed. I’m sure more Adidas sneaks will pile up on our shoe rack soon enough.

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