Endorsement: Farmacy Lip Bloom


You know those little bins near the checkout at Sephora that are full of cute tiny things that you want to rub all over your face and spritz behind your ears? That is where I discovered some fancy-looking potted lip balms in interesting flavors like lavender mint, strawberry basil, rosemary apple and ginger honey.

I tried the Ginger Honey balm on my lips and it tasted amazing, like tea and spice and sweetness, without being sticky or heavy. I tested a couple and decided to buy the Rosemary Apple. It reminds me of fall and being at the apple orchard.

Not only is the product a lot more premium-feeling (and tasting) than other lip balms, the branding itself is smart. Farmacy is a great name that brings some scientific cred to the sometimes euphemistic world of “natural and pure” products. The packaging even unfolds in a cool origami way to reveal a beautifully designed brand story.

FullSizeRender 11
cute as heck

At $16.50 per pot, it’s definitely pricey, but don’t lie, you probably spend silly amounts of money on makeup sometimes, don’t you? (You don’t? Props for your restraint.) The price is steep, but the lip balm is so nice that you’ll want to collect all the flavors, and toss out that Nivea stick at the bottom of your purse. With this stuff, putting on lip balm feels less like trying to deal with the chapped mess of your lips and more like pampering yourself.

I hope the trend of tea-inspired flavors enters more categories, as I’m pretty sick of boring fruit flavors and love the emphasis on herbs. The Farmacy brand is a bit expensive for my taste, but they definitely have my attention now.

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